Small Group Fitness

  • Great for All Levels
  • Motivating Group Atmosphere
  • No Registration Required
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    • General Public
      • Included with Day Pass purchase
  • Minimum of 5 for any class


A fast way to shape up and lose body fat. This toning and conditioning class uses weights and is for just about everybody who wants to add strength training to their workout. The simplicity of BODYPUMP makes it a great starting point to develop strength and confidence. Hot sounds and compelling choreography keep you going. You’ll use a step platform, a bar and a set of weights.
  BODYPUMP Benefits
    – Burn up to 600 calories per class for fat loss
– Improve your strength
– Improve your general fitness
– Shape and tone your muscles

Walking, but want to run? Seasoned runner? Marathon runner? This class is designed for runners of all levels and abilities. Learn to improve your form and efficiency with a focus on endurance and speed; plus meet people with similar goals. Included is toning and training to prepare for a race or to stay in shape for the next season. Indoors/outdoors weather permitting. Participants: Min 4, Max 14

You’ll be guided through a variety of drills to improve your technique, speed and endurance. Held in the Lap Pool, this is a great class for all competitive swimmers and triathletes. What to bring: proper swimwear, goggles, cap (women), fins (optional). Participants: Min 4, Max 12

This High Intensity Interval Training class combines the TRX Trainer, balance of the Bosu, and functional strength from the Kettlebells to challenge your whole body. Build a solid core, improve cardiovascular stamina, increase muscular endurance, strength, and mobility. Participants: Min 4, Max 12

If you’re ready to change your workout routine this class is the answer! This class involves interval training with bursts of maximum intensity exercises with periods of strengthening and exhausting your muscles. You’ll challenge your muscles with fat-burning cardio, and upper body and/or lower body sculpting. Participants: Min. 4, Max 12

Restore your body’s balance and improve your posture, flexibility, and strength by challenging the core muscles of the lower back and abdomen. You are welcome to bring your own mat, or feel free to use one of ours. The instructor will show modifications for beginners, so all levels are welcome!. Participants: Min. 4, Max 12

Seniors need to be strong for healthier bones and to stay more independent. This class is appropriate for those who are intimidated, unfamiliar with free weights and weight machines, more sedentary or older adults who are active and want to increase strength. Participants: Min. 4, Max. 10

STRONG by ZUMBA®: This class combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with the science of Synced Music Motivation. In every class, music and moves sync in a way that pushes you past your perceived limits, to reach your fitness goals faster.

TAI CHI: Feel more invigorated, energized and more balanced with this easy style of the Yang Short Form Tai Chi and random style of Chi Gong breathing exercises. Learn a fluid movement routine helping you to control slow movements and balance while also building strength. No equipment, experience, or shoes necessary.

Want a fast, effective total-body workout? TRX Suspension Training leverages gravity and your own body weight along with the TRX Suspension Trainer™ to challenge your whole body while working in every plane of motion. Build a solid core, increase muscular endurance and strength, as well as improve flexibility and balance. Experience this device in Studio B and My Fitness Studio sessions.

This TRX class is appropriate for those who are intimidated, unfamiliar with TRX, more sedentary or older adults who are active and want to increase strength. Participants: Min 4, Max 10

This class will create a pleasant feeling, rejuvenate your spirit, mind and body as well as improve flexibility, strength, vitality and energy. Some poses will be held momentarily to integrate breath work and self-awareness and some poses will flow one-to-another with the breath. Poses can be shown and modified for a variety of levels. You may bring your own yoga mat, if you have one. In our yoga classes there is no chanting, Sanskrit, or expressed spirituality.  Participants:  Min. 4, Max 12

YOGA PLUS: Build strength, improve flexibility and de-stress. This class will be primarily yoga with a little tai-chi and Pilates added in the mix.


Boost your energy levels with SPINergy! This awesome, non-impact workout is for everyone. Come sweat, have fun, and enjoy upbeat music while you challenge yourself with lots of calorie-burning racing! Participants: Min. 4, Max 12

SPINLATES: SPIN+PILATES = SPINLATES! We’ll start in the Cycle Studio with 30-minutes of spin to burn calories, then move to Studio A for 30-minutes of Pilates to stretch and strengthen the muscles throughout the body. All levels are welcome! Participants: Min. 4, Max 12

A full-body workout! Class will include strength training and 30-minutes of cycling. Participants: Min. 4, Max 12