Youth Dance

Our Dance Program teaches children more than just how to dance. Through the art of dance we teach children: coordination, creativity, confidence, responsibility, friendship & socialization skills, as well as an appreciation and understanding of the Arts. Our dance staff is dedicated to teaching your child in a positive and motivating manner. Our program is designed to guide and challenge your child in the Performing Arts.

*We are excited to be welcoming a NEW Dance Instructor, Ms. Jordan! Jordan is currently attending Carthage College majoring in elementary and special education and minoring in dance. She has been dancing for 16 years; including having the opportunity to dance on a dance team, and with a professional company in Chicago. She’s performed at multiple events in the Kenosha/Chicago area, and is looking forward to sharing her passion for dance at the YMCA.

ALL students, even returning students, should register for a Level 1 this session for new program/instructor evaluation.


*Fall II is a 9-week session, however, due to the holiday (11/28) Thursday classes will only be 8-weeks. Prices have been prorated.

In this fun, high energy, technique-focused dance class, students will learn the basic concepts of modern dance including hip hop. They will also learn a dance routine to a popular, top 40, (but kid friendly) song. Participants: Min 3, Max 12

Tuesdays   5:15-6:00pm    Studio A   Fee: Member $45 GP: $68
Saturdays   10:00-10:45am    Studio B  Fee: Member $45 GP: $68

BALLET & JAZZ, 5 & up
Jazz: Students will learn a style of dance that is structured,
upbeat ballet stage style of dance. It involves jumps, kicks, turns, isolations, flexibility, floor work, and body awareness.
Ballet: Students will learn ballet fundamentals, technique, and terminology, while building muscular strength, and proper dance posture. Classes will use age appropriate material. Etiquette and discipline are emphasized in a positive and creative atmosphere.
Participants: Min 3, Max 10

Thursday*   5:15-6:00pm    Studio A  Fee: Member $40 GP: $60
Saturdays    9:00-9:45am    Studio B  Fee: Member $45 GP: $68

This is an introduction to dance. The classes primary goal is to foster the love of movement. Learning basic ballet steps and working on large motor skills, following directions, creative play, spatial awareness, and rhythm. Participants: Min 3, Max 8

Tuesdays    4:15-5:00pm      Studio: A      Member $45 GP: $68
Thursdays*    4:15-5:00pm      Studio: A      Member $40 GP: $60
Saturdays    8:00-8:45am      Studio: B      Member $45 GP: $68

YMCA DANCE DRESS CODE: Ballet & Jazz: Leotards and Tights; Ballet Shoes. Modern Dance: Comfortable Clothing (T-shirt/Tank Top; Pants (Knees Must be Covered, No Jeans); Shoes (Clean Tennis Shoes). *For safety purposes jewelry should not be worn during dance classes. (Stud earrings are okay)